Saturday, September 19, 2009

Country Angels

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Materials: 1/2 yard red dotted cotton; 1/4 bag of Fiberfil; 1 small piece white material; acrylic paints; white package string; fabric glue; thread; 1 foot of wide cotton lace; 2 feet of 1/2" embroidered trim; 1 foot of 1" lace; 1 foot of fine lace.
Edible Crafts: Impress your friends with Candy Bouquets and Centerpieces. Make Them For Fun & Profit."
Instruction: Cut out the patterns (below) and cut the material two times for each pattern. In the case of the wings and arms, cut four times. Sew all materials together with the patterned sides facing each other. Leave an opening for stuffing. Invert and stuff with fiberfill. Sew the openings closed. Attach all the limbs and wings.
Get creative and add your trim, face and hair to these darling country angels.
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