Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catnip Cat Quilt

Catnip Cat Quilt 
Catnip Cat Quilt

Designed by: Treasure It
Skill Level: Beginner

Celebrate your love of cats with this easy wallhanging. Simply take a pre-printed fabric panel, cover with double-sided Treasure Tape, then decorate with Kreinik threads and Diamond Beadlets (it's like paint-by-numbers, only with thread!). Then add borders to your embellished panel, and you have a quick gift or home decoration. You can also make this design into a pillow, or appliqué it onto a denim jacket.
Materials needed:
  • Fabric panel #51480 by Candamar Designs, Inc. featuring a cat in a flower pot
  • Kreinik 1/16" Ribbon: 3237, 150V, 273
  • Kreinik #12 Braid: 005, 1223, 202HL, 2829, 019, 093, 242HL
  • Flat-backed cabochons, some small sequins, two black beads for eyes
  • Diamond Beadlets
  • shallow pan or tray
  • 8" x 10" sheet of Treasure Tape

1. Lay the sheet of Treasure Tape on top of your printed fabric panel.
2. Remove the red liner to expose the top sticky part.
3. Begin by placing large cabochons along the top and bottom as a decorative border, and place some sequins as centers on several purple flowers. Adhere the two black beads for eyes.
4. Then begin thread embellishing by laying the thread on the tape in swirls and curly q's, outlines, or similar, following the pattern on the fabric. Here's where and how we used the thread:
a. 3237 on each side border
b. 005 for the word "Catnip"
c. 2829 for all leaves
d. 1223 for all small purple flowers
e. 273 for nose
f. 150V for stripes on cat's face and paws
g. 202Hl for yarn
h. 019 to outline the mouse
i. 242HL for the flower pot rim
j. 093 for squares on flower pot
5. When thread decorating is complete, lay the block in a shallow pan or tray and cover all remaining sticky areas with the Diamond Beadlets.

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