Saturday, September 26, 2009

Candle Making 4

Raw Material :
Wax : It is the main item which can be easily bought from the market. Wax is imported from different countries like China, Iran, Koria, Germany etc. it is available for Rs. 50 to Rs. 85 per Kg. cheaper candles can be made by using cheaper wax. Wholsale price for a pack of 50 Kg. is more cheaper. 
Stearic Acid : To make the candles stiff and hard 5 % of stearic acid is added to the wax. When cheaper quality soft wax is used, stearic acid must be added. When better quality wax is used stearic acid need not be added. 

Colour : For making coloured candles, colour should be added to wax while melting. Candles can be made of any colour. Colour is mostly used in decorative candles.
Boxes : Boxes are used for packing candles. You can print anything of your choice on these boxes. 
Thread : Threads are used as per the shape and size of your candle. If your candle is thick use thick thread, if it is thin then use thin thread.

Candle Making Method :

First open the mould by removing the side clamps.
Apply oil on the inside of the mould. ( Oil is one spoon of coconut oil mixed with 3 spoons of kerosene ) candles do not stick to the mould because of this.
When the clamp is removed, the mould opens in to three parts. Wind the thread along the slots on the center part of the mould. These slots are made in such a manner that the thread passes exactly from the center part of the candle.

Then put the wax in a vessel and place it on medium flame on a gas or stove.
Close the mould again by re-clamping it.
Once the vessel is hot, the wax starts melting and it will become liquid. Pour the liquid wax into the mould. Let the wax set into the mould for about 10 to 15 minutes.

In the mean while pack the earlier lot of candles in boxes, and melt wax for the next lot.

After 15 minutes when you open the mould you can see that the candles are ready. Cut off the surplus threads and gently remove the candles.

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