Friday, September 25, 2009

Candle - Fruit Salad Candle

Fruit Salad Candle

  • Large glass jar
  • Paraffin wax chunks
  • Candle Gel
  • Wick
Fix the wick in the centre of the glass jar with the help of a hot glue.  Arrange different coloured paraffin wax chunks in the container (pink, yellow, orange coloured chunks to get more reality). Heat the gel in a pan up to  a high temperature, but let it cool about a 50 degrees. If  the gel is too hot it will melt the paraffin chunks. Of course you can give different look, with colour bleeding chunks.
Pour the gel over the chunks.  You can use short wick which can be placed in the gel candle. Keep it undisturbed to get cool.

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