Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beaded Bookmark

Beaded Bookmark

Designed by: Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner

Check out the sewing supplies at your local dollar or discount store. We found this cute button box that can be embellished by you or your child, and given to a sewer as a gift (inexpensive and FAST!).
  Materials needed:
• bookmark      pattern printed on white cardstock
• 8” x 10” sheet of Treasure Tape™
• Diamond Beadlets®
• Mrs. K’s Dimensional Threads
• shallow pan or tray

1. Begin by printing the arrow pattern onto your cardstock, using your home printer.
2. Peel back the corner of the white liner on your Treasure Tape sheet, and place your bookmark face down on the tape. Replace liner and cut out bookmark. Smooth out any air pockets. Then peel back red liner.
3. Begin embellishing with the metallic threads.  Follow the borders or outlines on your bookmark as guides. When you are satisfied with your design, use the red liner to press threads firmly into the tape.
4. Place your bookmark in a tray or baggie and cover with Diamond Beadlets®.  Swirl beads over the design to cover fully.
5. Tap to remove excess beadlets. Enjoy!

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