Sunday, September 20, 2009

Angel Dishcloth

This darling little angel dish cloth crochet pattern was Kindly Contributed by Designer: Christine Daugherty of Handmade by Hop For more delightful patterns like this, click here to visit Christine's design gallery.

Note: You may print this pattern out for your own use only. Enjoy!

Materials: 1 ball Peaches 'N Cream 100% cotton; 2" plastic ring; Size G crochet hook.
1). 40 sc inside the ring, join with sl st to beginning stitch, ch 3, turn.
2). Dc in same st as joining, 2 dc in next 11 sc, ch 3, turn.
3). Dc in same st as joining, 2 dc in each dc across, ch 3, turn.
4). Dc in same as joining, dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc, repeat across, ch 3, turn.
5). Dc in same st as joining, dc in each dc across, ch 3, turn.
6). Repeat row 5. Fasten off.
7). Join in 21st dc across, ch 3, dc in each of the next 34 dc, ch 3, turn.
8). 2 dc in each dc across, ch 3, turn.
9-11). Dc in each dc across, ch 3, turn. At the end of row 11, fasten off.
12). Join at beginning of either wing, ch 1, sc around whole entire dishcloth, excluding the head, making sure you fasten wings down beforehand, so that only the outer edge of wings is included in the sc's.

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