Friday, August 28, 2009

Useful Links

Following are some useful links to learn various forms of art from.

1. Nylon and Stocking flowers.

2. Glass painting Video

3. Anchor Free Style Embroidery E book,M1

4. Glass Painting E book,M1

5.Cross Stitch patterns

6. Embroidery stitch e book,M1

7. Glass painting e book,M1

8. Basic stiches dictionary

Embroidery patterns - website

Found a very good link for patterns..

Paper flowers..
Please check out some beautiful paper flower tutorials on below link.

For figure images for painting can check the below link

Found one interesting link to learn various art.

Some helpful links for blogging
Please find hereby some links which can be useful for blogging ( to add widgets n all)

Can find here
-Drop-Down Menu Wizard
-Digital Clock
-Background Music Wizard
-Text Clock and Date Wizard
-Date with Countdown Timer Wizard
-Watermark Wizard
-Slideshow Wizard
-Pop-up Window Wizard

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