Friday, August 28, 2009


Mural painting brings an elevating experience, thanks to the greatness of the themes drawn from Hindu mythology, as well as their purity of lines, freshness of colours and depth of expression. The student will discover the ancient mural painting technique known as "semi-fresca" (similar to the famous Ajanta murals). He/she will learn traditional drawing and painting styles and the method of mixing paints from natural pigments. Separate boards are used as "walls", which the students can take with them. Here too, you always start sketching themes from Hindu mythology and then painting with water colours before you start using natural colours, which takes time.

Note:- To learn the technique of making natural colours and to start using the real natural colours, you really need time, 3-4 months at least. For shorter stays you can acquaint with the style of Indian Murals and make paintings using water colours etc. 


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