Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Dharini's Creations..
n give your valuable opinion

This is for u friends!!share ur ideas

italian dough dyes
How do we add dyes/colours in italian dough or ceramic dough? and which dyes or paints should i use?

amazing spray paintings

painting on peepal leaf. 

Art & Craft
Anyone interested in learning various Arts & Crafts, check out:
some thing to share with you!!!

Paper Sculpture
Bubble painting
#comments. its quite a fun for kids...try it out

learn new things
ceramic work on pot wid ur pic!

Egg characters sure fun try it out
pop up cards
some painting video

Broken heart
costume cards
Handmade greetings superb
blend ur chalk wid paper
Sause bottle Dog
Paper art
crisp bag pen n pencile holder
Dino nest
make Acrylic style paint
comedy noses
ship in a bottle
curved spoon drawings
blend ur chalk wid paper
Glycerin soap making
candle making craft video

Different types of jewellery

coke n pepsi cap pendent!!

mobile chains.. u too can make !!!

happy diowali
intrested in jewelery designing then log on to Contact IAJD
write to the counselor

try out this its amazing
try out this its amazing
Its amazing, If you search here (using google, yahoo or MSN) they are paying you for each search,

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plz...check out my art
and comment plz...

Paper mache doll

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