Monday, August 31, 2009


1 cup ici glue
1 cup corn flour/starch(ararot)powder
1 tablesp lemon juice
1 tablesp glecerine
1 table spoon water
mix them in pan(dakchi)then on mad flame cook it spoon bar bar chalaien r jab dough simat kar spoonmai ajay ethen ur dough is ready r hands mai chipak bhi na rahi ho then quikly take airtyght shopping bad greeze it with veselien put dough in it n press it with hands so lums will bhi finished n ur dough is ready.

1/4cup corn starach powder
3/4cup ceremic poder
mix them
1/2 cup arabian glue
2 tablesp water
beat it well
1/2 teasp baby oil mix these things n put in bad same like italin n leave it over night n ur dough is ready.
flaxcy dough ko goondna hai

its kit is available in market here is the way how to mix it
1/2 cup powder(it is in kit)
1/4 tsp porcelin cream
1/4 tsp vinger
1/4 cup glue
in sab ko goondna hai then in shopping bad greeze it with porcelin dough which is in kit n keep ur dough in it n leave 4 over night then use

its kit is also available
ceremic powder 1cup
glue 3/4 cup
in sab ko gond lein r bag ko greez karkay overnight rakh kar use karin

1 cup corn flour
1/2 cup glue
mix them n ur dough is ready

2~3 bread slices
1 tablesp glue
mix it n ur dough isready

paper dough,french dough is also available but they r readymade abhi tak unki recipe nahe aiye


geletine 1tsp =
gulucose 1tsp = A things
water 3 tsp=

food colour powder /liduid
egg white is use as a glue cuz this is dough is use 4 cake decoration so we cant use glue but the syle of making flowers etc is same as other doughs
icing sugar 1/2 cup

now cook all A things in a pan til geletine melts then take it out in a bowl n mix iciing sugar r isko goond lein then leave it over night n then make anything u want but tht things u have to give 6~7 days to let it dry

italian dough:
take 1 cup white glue...'
1 cup corn flour...'
or 1 tsp glessrine
1 tsp water
1 tsp lemon juice
........1st mix german white glue or 1tsp water....or cour flour...araam araam se mix karna hai ok...or phir lemon juice...or glessrine mix kar k 10 mint baad usko cook karna hai ...or phir wo sab mixture ek spoon maya jaye ga..& ap try karna..ok wo thora sa fingure tips per le k agar wo na lagay haath per ...itz mean ur dough is ready

or phir ek plastic bag le k us may vasline laga k or us dough ko garam dough hoga ok be careful...plastic bad may daal do or haath se mix karo...or plastic bag k upper se khol k rakhdo...or bass dough ready hai...colour oil paint use karna ok..bye tc

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