Friday, August 28, 2009

Beaded 3D Schnauzer dog tutorial!

Hi all,

I just fiinished drawing out the free tutorial for my beaded schnauzer doggie to share, it's made with right angle weave technique and I used size 11/0 seed beads so the schnauzer stands at 2inches tall, see the tutorial at: (beware it's a very long one, not for beginners)

See the Schnauzers I made for myself at:

Happy Beading!

You would tie off normally and pass the excess through at least two or three old beads before cutting away excess.
After doing the tie off, cut a new piece of string and pass it through the bead that you stopped at before tying off, remember to balance out the string.

I don't really understand the last question about the protect string?

Please elaborate.

hi... nice site... thanks a lot... i have one query plz reply asap...
how cn i attach more thread when it gets finished...
and one more... i m not able to protect the string... i mean end mein knot kaise lagayi jaye ta k beads niklein na??? as my bead size is big and beads get out of thread knot m trying right angle weave... plz help...

same from my Community Frnd Christine

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