Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rangoli day3 & 4

Day 3


1. With the help of chalk and the rope draw a semicircle at the entrance as shown in the diagram

2. Draw a rangoli using free hand drawing around the semi circle

3. Colour the rangoli using flowers

b) Rangoli for the corners:

Draw the pattern on the corners of the room and fill them using flowers and leaves.

Day 4:

This type of rangoli is usually done around flowerpots, on the steps leading to stage or on the threshold of the main door of the house

Draw rangoli

– using 4 points

– Using 5 points

– Using 7 points

– Free hand

Some of the coloured patterns are shown as below.
(Note: Stencil can be used for replicating the pattern)

Day 4

Rangoli for Puja Ghar

Auspicious symbols such as the swastik, kalash, aum lotus and geometrical shapes like triangle, hexagon make a beautiful rangoli in Puja Ghar. It can be made more attractive by arranging colorful flowers and leaves on it.

NOTE: Do not use black colour for making rangoli for Puja Ghar

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